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Celebrating Victory

We christened the year 2009 as the year of Victory. This was not ambition vocalized; it was in obedience to the prophetic utterance. In this regard, earlier this year I had mentioned the difference between a ‘blessing’ and a ‘victory’. While blessing is a ‘win-win’ situation where everyone is happy, victory

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Treasures of the dark!

The word Treasure (from the Greek word thesaurus meaning "a treasure of the chest", is a cognate) is a concentration of riches, often one that is considered lost or forgotten until being rediscovered. There are many aspects about treasures that Bible teaches. God promises the wealth of the nations, treasures of

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Looking Ahead

Yesterday, I was going through a lot of stress… thought of calling a friend who has an amazing spiritual gift.  His counsels are trustworthy. I am convinced that he genuinely hears from God. Before making that call it occurred to me that we trust in God and not in prophets. We

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