Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Looking Ahead

Yesterday, I was going through a lot of stress… thought of calling a friend who has an amazing spiritual gift.  His counsels are trustworthy. I am convinced that he genuinely hears from God.

Before making that call it occurred to me that we trust in God and not in prophets. We believe the words of prophecy and seek counsel from gifted servants of God. Yet it is important that we seek Gods face and stay on our knees. We pray till the victory is won in the spiritual realm. The best response in any pressure situation is to seek God’s face. Where we turn to in the face of an emergency reflects our hearts trust.

Through the past weeks and months, Bethel has had many wonderful opportunities to withstand pressures and overcome challenges. Some challenges are orchestrated by divine purposes. It helps us build up our strength. It takes innovative leadership to recognize those opportunities. It is not everyday that all get opportunities to face challenges that are God ordained.

Moses standing before the red sea with the Israelites is a good example to learn some tips on how to handle pressure. They are seemingly lost and wandering in the desert; with no natural resources or sustenance for them unless it is supernatural. The red sea has come in the way of their progress and there is no way further up ahead. They have no choice other than to look up. When you look up, it gives a supernatural possibility to look ahead.

The Egyptian army under pharaoh’s leadership and military might is closing in. There is pressure built up from all sides. Moses from within his heart and from among the panicky people who rebel is facing intense pressure.

God does not talk in panic. If you want to hear God’s voice, there is no way we can expect to hear from Him as we panic. Learn to relax in prayer. His voice will be heard in peace even if it is in a battlefield.

The whole process increased Moses strength. That’s what each encounter does. It increases our strength and prepares us for God’s purposes to handle God’s work through our life on this earth and prepares us for God’s purposes in us through eternity.

There is promotion, victory and blessing after each winning encounter. The supernatural acts of God are made manifest as we go through crisis. God has established the natural order. He saw that it was good. We live in the natural world. There are rules of the natural order that we seldom get to override. We do not get to walk on the water. But in every crisis and challenge, we are positioned to see the supernatural that overrides the natural order.

Sometimes we yield to pressure. Moses could have listened to the people’s voice and surrendered to pharaoh. Or he could have a nervous breakdown and others made decisions. Moses managed the two great risks well. Test yourselves. Stand your ground. Do not yield to pressure or break down.

Through each challenge we also have an unparalleled opportunity to grow closer to God. Before we read the Bible, vocalize the need in crisis before God in prayer and then read through the Bible. As we spend time in prayer there will be clarity on how we must respond.

A crisis is the time we experience divine favor if our response is right. Look unto him in time of need. You will never be ashamed. You will be victorious in life.



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