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Mind of Christ

Wars and rumors of wars, nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: famines, pestilences, natural calamities, and earthquakes, in divers places; beginning of sorrows. Afflictions, murders, hatred, betrayals, false prophets, deceit, iniquity cold love, communal issues, scams, recession, crisis, instability, Swine flu… Too many things in the media that try to grab our attention.

Stress, anger, uncertainties, fears… Many intrusions in our personal lives that try to dominate our emotions

Comforts of life, luxurious lifestyle, work pressures… Things that try to strive for our time, energy and efforts.

In the midst of it all there is every little time for our mind to seek after the things for an abundant life and eternal life. But abundant life and eternal life seems to be pushed out of the limelight by the darkness of this world. The world tries to highlight temporal things as the ‘in thing’ and as ‘the essentials’. Little trifle things that do not impact eternity at all.

The things that impact the eternal life and abundant life are the things of God. The things that give status and pleasures may not be the ones that give us abundant life. It can be very deceiving!

In any way of life, in every professions and careers, even as pastors, prophets and as Evangelists, there is so much activity to do. So much of work load, activities and busyness that we are faced with the risk of being left with very little time to seek the things of God and to prepare for an eternity.

In a recent tweet, Pastor Rick Warren put up an interesting note that imparts deep insight to help tackle this issue.

It is about managing our energy. Pastor Rick says that time is constant but energy is variable. So energy must be managed more than our time.

For sure, Jesus did it very well. Prioritization of time with the key aspect of managing energy at various times of the day was his super specialty. The lifestyles of early evenings and early mornings is quite predictable in an age where Jesus lived with no electricity, entertainment centers and call centers. He rose up very early in the morning and spent all the energy and mind in loud energetic emotional prayers.

Steven Covey has another amazing way of telling this time management and energy management concept – about prioritizing. He demonstrates with the help of a glass jar. Half filled with sand. The sand represents all the small little things that we must do in our daily schedule.

He then takes seven stones to place them in the jar half filled with sand. Only five stones fit in.

Then he removes all the sand and all the seven stones go into the jar. This is where the demonstration takes a dramatic turn. After all the seven stones are in the glass jar, he empties all the sand into the glass jar containing the seven stones. All the sand fits in too!

The objective of the demonstration is that if the priorities are managed first everything will fit in. In the words of Jesus, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”. Matthew 6:33

First in the day, first day of the week, first hours of the month!

Putting on the mind of Christ is very seldom seen in the light of managing priorities and managing energy.

It is seldom seen in the light of preparing for eternity, seeking the guidance of the father and the leading of the Hoy spirit. Mostly it is seen as managing thought process, managing emotions, reasoning, etc.

Of course dealing with disappointment, discouragement, anger, managing joy and all thoughts and emotions well, without ending up in sin needs to be perfected through discipleship. Managing disappointment while being thankful in spite of al wrong things is not easy. Staying focused and motivated through discouragement without losing the motivation is possible when Holy Spirit empowers us to put on the mind of Christ.

The need of the hour in a time-starved world is putting on the mind of Christ … putting off the old man, and putting on the new man.

It takes efforts. It takes time. It takes discipline.

If we are conscious about it and attempt to put on the mind of Christ then truly the mind of Christ is above all matter and nothing can touch us.

This really happens when we put on the mind of Christ.



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