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Open Heaven

It is the Lord’s desire for all His children to live under an open heaven.

The month of April is a time when we at Bethel spend our efforts, time and resources in a very intense manner, to prepare for the annual fasting and prayer season. We have very great expectations. People from all over the country and many parts of the world come. Some stay back through all the 21 days with fasting. They return in the power of the Spirit.

It is in the supernatural realm that we expect to see victories. The answers to our fasting and prayer are seen in the manifest physical realm. It is made manifest in the ministerial area, economic area, political area, etc.; in fact in all the reality of life.

For too long the body of the Lord Jesus has been complacent.  We know that God controls the course of destiny. But we close our eye to the fact that evil is powerful to dominate till the people of prayer move the hand of God. The Church, along with the powerless people of this world, is mute spectator to the events that unfold. Somehow we look forward to be informed about all that happens around the world through the reports in the news media.

Very seldom we decide to look into the scripture, to read and to believe that we are entrusted to have dominion over the circumstances. Few who think in such terms risk to think in terms of micro domination where I, me and myself is all what they have to protect.

Let leaders arise in the Church who will influence the world. Stand up over all challenges of the world by the power of fasting and prayer. If the world through disobedience has closed the heavens over us by their disobedience, the people of God can open the windows of heaven and enforce God’s rule over the place where we are.

In Deuteronomy 28:12, the Lord promises to open the heavens over those who walk in obedience to His commandments.


1. Increased revelation of Jesus and His heavenly glory. (Ezekiel 1; Rev 4)

2. Angelic visitation. (Genesis 28:10-12)

3. Favors from the Lord. (Matthew 3:16,17)

4. Experience blessings. (Eph 1:3; Malachi 3:10)

5. Fruitfulness & works of your hands blessed. (Deuteronomy 28:12)


1. Obedience (Deuteronomy 28:1-13)

2. Repentance (Matthew 3; Dan 9,10)

3. Worship and Praise (2 Chronicles 5)

4. Prayer (2 Chronicles 7:13,14)

5. Faith (Hebrews 11:1)

6. Tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:10)

Look forward to live under an open heaven… Let that atmosphere spill over to bless and dominate your life!

Let the gates of Hades against the Church shut down for good.

Be blessed according to HIS will



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