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Choices to Make

Well here I am writing this note from Washington DC… of course, it’s the first time that I get to see the fall in Northern America. I have seen the white dazzle of snow covering the entire land and other seasons here of course. But the brilliant ‘colors’ during fall is a breathtaking view.

Anyways, I’m thinking as to what business I have here! Away from family & home, from the Church & friends. Out of my comfort zone, living out of the suitcase; would always be better to stay back where comfort is guaranteed, & productive lifestyle is assured.

Back at home, am told that I am a people’s person. You know I meet with people so much, that sometimes I feel tired myself. And when you are not doing what you are called to do, you feel very empty & lonesome!

I had to make up my mind to come here to the US and for few weeks. Was that easy? No. Then why did I make this decision? Because we must understand that our future depends on certain things. The ministry, career, personal growth, blessings and in fact all our life! Do not take out the God factor from here. God will take you through some phases in life where you will have the choices to make. That will decide where you will be seven years from now. The choices are:

1.              The people you meet and allow to influence your life:

Every transition that God initiates in your life mostly happens with the new people that God sends your way for you to meet. Be it the prophet Elisha in the Old Testament or the disciples of our Lord Jesus in the New Testament. Weather it is the pastor that you meet or the person that God sends into your life to take you to a higher place in your spiritual & secular life.

I do not deny the fact that this is a tool of deception that the devil uses too. The annoying proverb that says, ‘one rotten apple ruins a whole barrel’. A sad fact we witness in our daily life is that the wrong people they come in contact with lead good people astray. We need to pray that God sends the right people in our lives. Also we need to be on the guard that no one comes to us with wrong influence against the word or against the will of God in our lives.

It is very possible that we meet new people either when they are traveling or when we are traveling. So when the time is right, when opportunities come, when God puts in your spirit that it is time to travel, it is important that we respond to that call on our lives.

It was important that the Almighty God should send His only begotten Son from eternity to the world. It was important that our Lord Jesus should send his disciples to the ends of the world after they received the power of the Holy Spirit. It was important that the Church should send the apostles and evangelist to complete their missionary mandate upon them. It is important that we as the body of Christ must ‘go’ to wherever we are sent. We are never sent without a purpose.

The advantage of the fact that we are sent is the possibility of divine opportunities and connections that God gives as we travel; the many people that God connects us with for specific purposes.

One thing is assured. The people who you meet are the ones who decide where you will be five years down the line or seven years from now.

2.              The choices that you make:

Everyday, we make have to make choices – silly choices or meaningful choices. Choices that have very little impact or choices that have eternal consequences. We have no option; we have to make choices.

Choices of convenience: I just came across a tweet, ‘If there ever was a time that I didn’t want to be at work, it’s everyday’. It’s the truth that we’d prefer to have our choices of convenience wherever possible. The choices of our food habits and healthy lifestyle are decisions that could have long-term implications. Even when inconvenienced, it is better to choose with wisdom  & follow it paying a price.

Sometimes we decide on choices of convenience in spiritual matters. I would not want to sound legalistic here & would pray that all choices that comes out of unwanted fear and unwarranted guilt will give way to wise choices guided by the Holy Spirit. Let me list a few choices that will impact our life and eternity. Our choice of excellence rather than being the normal, the choice of keeping up integrity by paying a price will have a great impact not only in his life but also through eternity.

3.              The books that you read:

The books that you read will impact your future. This is a time in history when text messages / sms seem too long to read…  Websites like ‘’ lists out the definitions to more that 1,300 chat, text message, and twitter abbreviations. Schools are trying to face the challenge that technology is bringing into the youngsters so that language skills are not compromised.

‘With the popularity and rise in real-time text-based communications, such as Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, e-mail, Internet and online gaming services, chat rooms, discussion boards and mobile phone text messaging (SMS), came the emergence of a new language tailored to the immediacy and compactness of these new communication media’, there is very little time to commit to quality reading.

Above the time that you take to read the Bible, there must be a few good books that you will read in one year. Reading will develop your knowledge base, keep you updated with what’s happening so that you know which direction the Holy Spirit will lead you, develop your leadership, etc

So If it’s not DC or not, do not ignore the possibilities of travels that God brings your way for the growth of your ministry, experience and for the new connections and opportunities that come your way. Choose to live a life of excellence.

Stay Blessed


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