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The Fear

FEAR – It is a feeling of insecurity.
It weakens you mentally first and bodily next.
It is the effect of not having confidence in you.
It makes you run away from problems and lose the battle.
It makes you to lose heart and get depressed in daily life.
The one who is afraid is almost dead and dies every day.

It makes you to disbelieve everything and everyone around you.
It makes you to pick up quarrels at home and outside home.

Fear is a feeling that nobody wants to experience for himself, but finds pleasure in seeing others experience it. So, man wants to frighten his wife, his child, his parents, his friend, his neighbour, his teacher, his ruler, and even his God. But vice versa is not welcome.

Threatening someone itself is a preemptive action due to the feeling of insecurity. Man uses the power of muscle, money, position, profession, relatives, grown up children, influences, friends, and even love to threaten or destroy the one that imposes fear in him, just to overcome his own fear. Ultimately, he lands into trouble.

Fear, the feeling of insecurity is mostly due to lack of knowledge or physical strength. It is a lack of support, lack of tools or weapons to tackle the problem, lack of money or love, or lack of something or the other.

Here is the one and only solution for the problem:
-Invite the FEAR OF GOD into your heart.
“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” (Ps. 111:10, Pro. 9:10)

This fear is not the feeling of insecurity but of security. It is to obey God and enjoy a good relationship with Him in righteousness. It is to know that God exists and that he will judge all our deeds at a proper time. He will either reward or punish us accordingly. Due to the lack of this knowledge in the minds of many people, crime is increasing all over the world.

Fear of the Lord makes us to. . .
Obey God’s commandments. Take His support while we are alone. Be patient. Be tolerant. Forgive others. Be kind even to your enemy. Respect everyone. Show God’s love to others. Help others. And find peace in the mind and outside. Finally reach heaven on the day the inevitable happens.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, in this New Year, ‘Fear ONLY the Lord’ and no one else. Depend on Him and you will overcome anything, everything!

Author – C. Samuel Gift (Bethel Seniors Fellowship, Bethel AG Church, Bengaluru)

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