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A Son of Abraham

              They said, in Bethany, He raised the dead Lazarus,
              He healed many from their sickness and sufferings,
              A woman of faith, touched the garment of His,
              And was relieved from an ailment of twelve years,
              There some deaf hear, and here a lame man walks,
              Some blind men see, God! He even cured many lepers,
              I heard His sweet name, the people call Him JESUS.

Who is this? How does he look? Where he lives?
Oh! I should see this man and His miracles,
Always there is a crowd around and His disciples,
Ah! Here, He comes through this street, He hurries,
Being short, I climbed a fig tree to see Him over others,
Jesus called: “Make haste, and come down ZACCHEUS,”
Surprised but happy, I obeyed His words at once!

              “Lord,” I said: “I am rich and I am chief of Publicans,
              I will give the poor, the half of all my goods;
              If I have taken anything from any man, by
              False accusation, I will pay back the amount, fourfolds.”

Some say: ‘yes’ to God’s words and sincerely work,
Some say: ‘No’ to Him, they disobey and shirk,
Some others say: ‘yes’ yet they do nothing and lurk,
‘Honour me and I will honour you’* – that is God’s norm,
The Son of Man came to seek and save me, the lost one,
I honoured him, and He said: “Today salvation has come,
To this house, because this man too, is a son of Abraham!

(Inspiration : Message on ‘Obedience’ by Pastor. Rev. Abraham Varghese, on 02-08-2011 (Area Prayer Meeting, ITI colony.)

*i) Refer– I Samuel 2:30. ii) And for the story of Zaccheus, read Luke.19: 1 to 10.

‘Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight …’
Author – C. Samuel Gift (Bethel Seniors Fellowship, Bethel AG Church, Bengaluru)
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