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Anna Hazare, the Kingdom of God, the writing on the wall, Daniel

& Its plain enough to see… Its time for the Indian Church to rise up to the occasion prophetically, in prayer and decode the writing on the wall. It is not written in secret, against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall for the kings and kingmakers to see and tremble. The writing is visible on the streets of the nation to read and rejoice. But from ‘India Gate’, through the cities, town and villages of this great nation, up until the corridors of power, it is mere graffiti to many yet.

The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. (Romans 14:17) Unrighteousness, stemming from corruption offers resistance and hindrance to the kingdom of God, insomuch that the kingdom of God suffers violence. Nevertheless, ‘Righteousness’ and ‘Peace’ at grass-root levels can open the highway for the kingdom of God to be ushered into a nation. Where corruption is rampant, the society is not prepared to receive the kingdom of God. The prophet Esaias in the Spirit saw the kingdom coming and announced the need of the one crying in the wilderness, the one who would prepare the way for the messiah (Luke 3:4).

We see Jesus preaching about the kingdom of God. He also very clearly decreed that He would build His Church. The Church is different from the kingdom. The Church is the body of Christ, the bride of Christ. The Church is not the kingdom.

The kingdom has to do with the government, the business and economy, the family, the education system, the entertainment industry, the media, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, etc.; all of the pillars that build up a nation.

The Lord Jesus will build His Church anyways. But the Church of the Lord Jesus thrives when the kingdom of God comes on earth.

The words and the works of Jesus initially were to usher in the kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. But the preparation of the way for the kingdom of God was not all about power of the Holy Spirit. How did John the Baptist prepare the way for Jesus, the preacher & the initiator of the kingdom of God?

We find the voice of the one preparing the way in the wilderness addressing certain issues in Luke 3. It was primarily repentance and the fruits meet unto repentance. John the Baptist addresses three sections of people – the common people, the soldiers who wielded power, & the publicans who handled authority.

As he prepares the way to usher in the kingdom, John the Baptist insists on righteousness, peace and joy. The same is echoed in this silent protest throughout the nation. This is a new beginning that we see in the ‘August Kranthi’ as the media portrays. A new era has started in the history of our nation that needs to be complete with the light of the gospel.

The media reflects the unfolding of a ‘second independence’ – an attempt to fight corruption in a spectacular way! The person standing in the forefront may be Anna Hazare. God who used the gentile king Cyrus to rebuild the house of God at Jerusalem is no respecter of persons. God can use Daniel to a certain extend. He needs gentile kings for the fulfillment of His divine plans. The prayer of the Church can bring in the complete fruit.

Why should the Church wake up to pray? It is so that none should hijack the movement for ulterior motives or hidden agendas. This move should remain pure to fight unrighteousness that is endangering our nations accomplishment of the tryst with destiny; So that there will be a highway in this barren dessert of corruption… & so that the kingdom of God will be ushered in with power!

At Bethel, like all the like-minded Christian Indian Citizens, we too are still seeking God’s face for the kingdom of God to be ushered in with a move hitherto unparalleled in history. We have been praying for quite some long time that the kingdom of God be unfolded in India so that the glorious body of Christ will be built up and prosper with miracles, signs, wonders, power and might.

Is Daniel, in whom the spirit of God lives, listening? Let the real Daniels stand up!

Author – Rev. Abraham Varghese (Pastor, Bethel AG Church, Bengaluru)


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