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Tears are a God-given gift to keep the eyes clean and also to wash away the sorrow or pain felt in our heart and relieve the tension in the mind.

Tears, apart from being the indication of suffering, express a mother’s love, a father’s care, a child’s need, the affection towards parents, the sympathy of siblings, support for the spouse, the involvement of a friend, the concern of a teacher, and the kindness of an elder.

Love is the basic emotion which makes you shed tears. People have been consoled by their own tears when nobody was around to console them during their sorrowful times.

Look at the following tears of love:

1. Israel (Jacob) wept for Joseph whenever he remembered the loss of his beloved son. He got relieved from that heartache by weeping. (Gen.37:34, 35)
2. Egypt wept for the loss of their firstborn, for every house had the same experience and no one to console them. (Exo.12:30)
3. David wept for his beloved son who was seriously sick, knowing that God will take away the child as a punishment for his misdeed. (II Sam.12:16-18, Ps.86)
4. Mothers in Bethlehem wept for the loss of their children when King Herod killed all children below two years to eliminate baby Jesus, the King of Jews. (Mt. 2:16-18)
5. Peter wept bitterly when he heard the cock crowing for he realised that he had disowned his Master thrice, just as He predicted. (Mt. 26:34, 75 and Lk. 22:62)
6. Ladies who followed Jesus to Golgotha wept upon seeing his suffering. He said, “Daughters of Jerusalem weep not for me but for yourselves and for your children.” (Lk.23:28)
7. Mary Magdalene wept when she did not find the body of Jesus Christ in the sepulchre. (John: 20:11)
8. A sinner weeps when he repents and realises that God still loves him.
9. Emotionally upset people shed tears when their beloved one departs.
10. Jesus wept (John. 11:35) out of love for Lazarus.



A crocodile sheds tears whenever it eats its prey. It is not due to any emotion. It is due to the muscular pressure acting on its eyes while swallowing its food. ‘Shedding crocodile tears’ is a well-known proverb used to describe pretension of sympathy by someone who in reality is hurting the victim indirectly.


Tears of joy make you forget the pains you have undergone to complete a task. Often we see our sportsmen shedding tears when they win a match or an athletic event.

Pain suffered during a child’s birth is forgotten by the mother on seeing the newborn, and she sheds tears of joy. (Jesus narrates this in John 16:21)

Joseph shed tears of joy when he finally told his brothers who he was. (Gen.45:1 to 15)


“LOVE thy neighbour as thyself” is one of the commandments in the BIBLE. (Lev.19:18, Mt.19:19)

When you love others, tears will roll down your cheeks on seeing their suffering. But only showing sympathy to the sufferer is not sufficient. Jesus wept, but later he called Lazarus out to life. Some action should support the sympathy. That is love. Do your best to restore the loss. Try to help in rectifying anything that went wrong, and bring back the original status if possible.

In case of serious losses or death, time is the only remedy. Read out consoling verses from the Bible. Pray and encourage the victim to stop shedding tears. Your prayer can bring back the cheer on his or her face very soon.

For “…..the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (James. 5:16)

‘Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight’
Author – C. Samuel Gift (Bethel Seniors Fellowship, Bethel AG Church, Bengaluru)
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