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I will guide thee with mine eye (Psalm 32:8)

This factor of God’s communication pattern with man gives a deep insight into the heart of God & the mind of God. This is a reflection of a working partnership between Almighty God & His servants.

Such pattern of communicating with the eye can be seen during performances among teams, particularly music bands.

The need for communication with the eye is:

  • Essential when the work that needs to be done cannot be vocalized – On the stage during a performance vocal communication between band members has to be minimal. Coordination must be executed non-verbally. The need to gesture by the leader and for the members of the team to understand it is very crucial for proper functioning of the team.

  • Crucial during transitions and change – When the musical band has to change together, coordination is needed, for example, to shift chords or pace, the leader communicates with the eye & coordinates.

  • For correction – in the team, when one person is not in tune with the rest of the team, the leader has to signal so that there is correction without embarrassment to the defaulter.

For a better understanding of the reality of communicating with the eye, consider a music team performing on a platform. Consider these factors:

  • Communication with the eye usually happens in a close working relationship – Each minute gesture with the eye is usually understood after adequate time has been spent together before the actual work begins. These gestures may be planned or unplanned but the understanding needs to grow and begins to grow as the team members start to spend sufficient time with each other. Spend more time with God.

  • The working partners must be in close proximity – If the team members are scattered or are distanced, such communication cannot happen. The servants of God need to remain close to Him to notice His gestures.

  • The team members must be observant – I have faced this frustrating feeling when I try to look at someone on stage suggesting what to do, but they are not even watching me. If someone is so focused on their work that they are not watching the leader, they can mess up the show! The scriptures command that we be diligent to observe the instructions of the Lord.

  • The team must identify and acknowledge the leader – Sometimes in a group there is no team. All are stars on the stage doing their own work. This is very dangerous. We His servants must realize that in spite of the fact that our voice is heard and the advantage of visibility that is given to people handling the platform, there is a master who is the leader in building His Church. At the peak of the show in all its intensity, do not forget to seek the face of the master our leader. Watch out for His gestures. Do not forget that He is in control.

  • Know the working culture – in any teamwork, there is a clear work culture that is defined and established. So is the Church in every people group. & God honors the culture of the people insomuch that even Jesus did not offend the culture of the people that he ministered to. He was sensitive to the culture and traditions of the people as long as it did not come against the ways, the works and the power of God. Understand the working culture and pay a price to follow it for the works of the ministry to be fruitful. Be sensitive to His gestures.

  • Understand the leader who is talking to us – Acknowledging the leader first. Then understanding the mind and the heart of the person is very important for productive work. We can learn from the Book, His likes and dislikes. Learn His desires and plans as you spend with Him.

Hindrances to communication by the eye:

Callousness / Insensitivity – When a team member does not respond to the signal with the eyes due to callousness or insensitivity, the person who gives the signals can be very frustrated. In case the person does not change, he may be out of the team in spite of all skills! Teamwork demands sensitivity, understanding, dynamic working relationship and sometimes pre arranged understandings and planned executions.

It will be to our advantage if we learn to master the skill of reading the master’s eyes.

Two conditions to be in the master’s team *

  • Fear Him – In the secret when no one is watching, do the right thing; Because He’s watching. That is the fear of the Lord.

    Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy Psalm 33:18

  • Inculcate meekness – weakness is not meekness. Meekness is strength under control. The stronger & more powerful you are, the meeker you can be! Moses was a man of great strength & power. With the training to be the next Pharaoh, he was well prepared in emotional, social & all strength and power. But Moses decided to keep it under control. God certified him as the meekest man on the earth. Moses got God’s guidance consistently.

    The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way Psalm 25:9


Author – Rev. Abraham Varghese (Pastor, Bethel AG Church, Bengaluru)


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