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The word ‘IGNITE’ is defined as ‘Catch Fire’ or to ‘Cause to Catch Fire’.

It is the ignited life that propels man into his destiny – the destiny in the one life here on this earth & the destiny through eternity.

 We could work to create impact with our life. Let’s think about it in the context of the impact that a firecracker can create, an impact when it is ignited.

Consider the anatomy of a firecracker and compare it to our life:


Without the ‘heavy paper casing’ or the cover, the firecracker does not exist. Comparing it to our life, without a body, we cannot get any work done.

Our body is the only possibility for us to get all our accomplishments done on the Earth. Once out of our body, the opportunity is gone.

Most accomplishments and key positions that are retained in life come to people after they have gained sufficient experience in life. Most people mature and are positioned to strive for significance after getting into their sixties.

Many people fizzle out of their destiny just when they are ready to get into it because their body is not able to bear the weight of success.

Smoking, drinking or any habit that destroys our health & body must be deliberately tackled. Hygiene, and discipline that will keep our body fit to carry the weight of success must be diligently kept.

Disciplining our time, our health & hygiene is very important in this regard.

The Holy Bible says that our body is the temple of the living God. It must be maintained well with diligence, holiness and due respect so that the casing does not cause a fizzle out just when it is time to impact.

2. The Flash powder or Black powder

As the flash powder or the black powder in the firecracker explodes at ignition, our soul ignites to propel us into our destiny.

Our intellect, our emotions and our decisions must be ignited to make that impact.
It demands purity and a disciplined preparation to cause that impact.

Some people are deceived to compartmentalize their personal life away from their public and professional life. It may be an excuse to compromise on purity.  They would never be able to sustain success even if they manage to achieve something.

Compartments never work in a rocket.

3. The wick

In spite of any amount of flash powder, the firecracker does not ignite without a wick. Man’s spirit is what catches that fire. That is the difference between a man and an animal.

No genius animal has ever achieved global attention for achievements

No intelligent chimpanzee has been nominated for a Nobel Prize.

No loving dog has ever achieved an international peace award.
No powerful gorilla has won an election or position.

Man is a spiritual being and that separates man from animals. Man’s spirit can catch fire and empower him to create an impact.

A person must be spiritually open to get his potential going. Spirituality is very close and parallel to mental capacity but transcends the human mind.

The mind or the natural man cannot comprehend the spiritual dimension.
The mind does to have the apparatus to measure or contain the spiritual realm.
A polluted mind can pollute the spirit.

 4. The flame

Finally it is the flame that ignites the life.

The Spirit of God alone can ignite a person;

For that connection to the Spiritual Source, the Bible says that one must believe that God is. In an age where the education system, the media, the popular culture & everything tries to fight the belief in the existence of a God, the power of choice to decide on his or her own belief system is still in the person.

For that flame to ignite our life, seek after God. Then God’s Holy Spirit can come and dwell in us. The Bible teaches that when we surrender our ways to God & ask for God’s help through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Holy Spirit is willing to ignite our life.

That is what happened to all who waited in the upper room.
The Holy Spirit can truly ignite our life.

An ignited life propels man into his destiny on earth and through eternity.
Holy Spirit can truly ignite our life.


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