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Br. CS Gift – Life Story

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Br. CS Gift

Name: C. Samuel Gift
Age: 64
Member: Bethel Senior Fellowship, Bethel AG Church, Hebbal, Bangalore.
Father: Late Rev.M.C.Christudas. He was from a Panikkar family in Kottayam, Kerala.
He was writing a book to prove that there is ‘No God’ while studying in CMS College.
One day, in a vision, Jesus appeared and told him ‘here is your God.’ He accepted Christ.
His family opposed. He left his ancestral house and property and went to Andhra and
never returned to his home in Kottayam. He ministered there among the Telugu people,
pastored a church in ‘Machilipatnam.’ Later, on God’s calling, he came to Bangalore in
1946 and pastored the ‘Ebenezer Full Gospel (Telugu) Church’ till his death in 1962 at
Mother: Accepted Christ and joined the Pentecostal Church at Thiruvannamalai, left her
home and family, who were members of ‘Basil Mission’ at Kannur, Kerala. She actively
supported her husband.

They got married in 1945. And in 1946, their firstborn was received as God’s gift like
baby Samuel and they named him ‘Samuel Gift’ and fondly called him-Baby. He was
dedicated to God’s work. But he was reluctant due to circumstances. He was baptised by
late Pastor P.L.Paramjyothi from Andhra in 1965, at Bangalore.

Education: His education abruptly stopped in1964 at the pre-university level due to
the demise of his father in 1962. Living by faith was so difficult for a mother with five

During his school days, there were many. One of that was to write Tamil songs
to entertain classmates.

Jobs: To support his mother for maintaining the family, he picked up a job as early as
the age of 16. In 1966, he joined the Department of Posts and Telegraphs and worked
as a mechanic in the Telephone Department. Later, after succeeding in prescribed
examinations, he was promoted to Junior Engineer in 1975.

Tribulations: Jonah was told to go to Ninevah with the Lord’s message. But he ran away
from God. A fish had to forcibly take him and make him obey. In Bro.Gift’s life, ‘the
fish’ came in the form of failures in every one of his ventures and financial troubles came
up. To level them up, he voluntarily retired. Taking retirement benefits, he paid up the
loans and became a pensioner at 42. He then went back to square one.

The Good News: At this time, his wife also worked in a private office. During that time,
a team of sisters from Bethel AG Church met her and prayed for a change in her life. Her
belief in God was revived. In the hope of a new beginning, she took water baptism on 11/
08/91. Our senior Pastor, Dr. M.A.Varughese baptized her and the entire family joined
the church. They are thankful to God, Pastor MAV and his family, and the church for this turning point in their life.

New Hope: In the year 1997, his elder daughter was blessed with a good job. Things began to ease out.

The Loss: His beloved wife left for her heavenly abode on 21/02/2006.

The Attack: On Jan 9, 2010, Bro.Gift suffered from a heart attack. Pastor and the church
and family members prayed and the Lord relieved him of the problem within a day and
he returned home from hospital the next day itself without any surgery.

The Revival: On Aug 29, 2010, he attended the Bethel Seniors Fellowship meet.
Inspired by the message delivered that day by Pastor Rev. Abraham Varghese, he
decided to restart writing, an old hobby, now revived for the Glory of God and not for
entertainment as in his school days. As a start, he wrote his testimony about his stay in
hospital for 2 days in Jan 2010.

Thus came out the small handout called ‘The Attack. (A Testimony)’. Then followed the
articles titled:
1. Share a Smile with Jesus.
2. Come, Take Me Home (story based on a Jewish Carpenter)
3. While I am Still Young (a fiction for the youth)
4. Less Than a Day. ( a small booklet released by Dr.M A Varughese on 09.01.2011)
And other poems published in Bethel Articles.

May God bless him with more knowledge to glorify Him with his writing and actively
participate in His ministry, Amen!

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